The benefits of purchasing at your local optical store.

With so many choices for glasses and eye wear in the market today, why bother with the small, privately owned, optical store in your town? After all, there are so many advertisements promoting “free exams”, “ one year warranties”, and “$39 glasses”. Why bother limiting yourself to a small store?

Besides the oft repeated benefits of buying local ,there are particular benefits of purchasing your eye wear from your local optician. The truth is, your options are severely limited at the larger stores, and all of those “special” offers are done to cover up the restrictions placed on you, the patient.

Have you ever walked into one of the larger, chain stores and been presented with either this or that? That’s because the employees are limited in the products they can offer you.

In reality, there is a huge selection of lenses and coatings. Each one performs differently and meets your eye wear needs in a different way. Would you like protection from blue light? Need specific lenses for our outdoor activity?See-by-the-Sea Optical!Your local eye wear store has the entire range of products at their disposal and can find the right product for your needs.

Have you ever been in a large chain store and been told that your current frame is unusable? Or your prescription can’t be put in that frame you fell in love with?

Chances are your local optical store can do it. I can use your old, beloved, frames. I can make those lenses a little bigger, or change the shape for you. I will customize your glasses to your desire.

That’s the powerful benefit of trusting your local optician. I provide personalized care with customized products and services. I look forward to showing you everything I have to offer at See-by-the-Sea Optical!!


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